As bare faced and hair undone as could be.

As bare faced and hair undone as could be.

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What is dooh?

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Anonymous: I noticed you used a dark brown color for your eyebrows, which matches great with your blonde hair. Do you think it could match equally as well with a real bright red? I don't really want to use red on my eyebrows, and too light of a brown doesn't look right, but sometimes I feel like the dark brown is too harsh. Do you have an opinion?

I would suggest doing this eyebrow color for that hair color because the base is red:

To do this color you need to live near an Ulta. I used a Japonesque brow brush and an Ulta kohl pencil and the crayon thing in Black Plum. You have to use the brush to get the color off the crayon to put on your brows, and you can use the pencil for the tail and filling too.

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I barely have eyebrows when they’re not filled. Especially the left one. 

I barely have eyebrows when they’re not filled. Especially the left one. 

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Unfilled vs filled

Unfilled vs filled

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Anonymous: Do you still have to shave you're pits?

I do like once/twice a week. I used to almost every day.

So basically, SO WORTH IT.

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Anonymous: Wait when did you post high waisted lingerie? I must have missed that. lol. I'd love to see that. :]

For future reference, you can find my photos:




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Anonymous: Do you do any other modelling were you aren't wearing a two piece? (I'm not hating or anything, just asking)

Sometimes, but 2 reasons why most of my shoots are lingerie:

1) a talented friend/designer I know has me shoot a bunch of her stuff, and she designs lingerie for the most part

2) I paid good money for my tattoos and I got them to be seen by myself and whoever so chooses to stare at my work,  I don’t like covering them

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ianbrooks: Hey Airica. What is your favorite color Yoshi and why?

Blue in Super Mario World since he can fly with any Koopa Shell. And purple in Yoshi’s Island because they don’t have teal and purple is my second favorite color. Black in Yoshi’s Island because it reminds me of one of my cats.

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Anonymous: how did you guys meet

We talked on AIM forever ago like years ago, and it so happens that our boyfriends knew each other so eventually we all hung out together.

Anonymous: how is it like modeling for nikki lipstick

She’s my friend so it’s basically the same as hanging out. But she’s a fun awesome person to be around so no matter who she’s working with it’ll be a good time.

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ann-thannath: Where do you stand on marriage rights for the LGBT community?

Lol, thanks Stacey for pointing that out. Honestly I don’t find marriage sacred at all, if someone wanted to marry their cat I wouldn’t care. It’s not my business what other people do with their lives, why anyone would stop people from getting married is beyond me. 

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Anonymous: How did it feel to have your armpits tattooed? [Not a dumb anon asking if it hurt or not] xD Just like because of where it is did it actually tickle or feel weirder than your other tattoos or was it just straight pain? They're lovely! Also did it keep stubble from coming back as often/dark?

It didn’t tickle at all. It feels a lot like the upper inside of the arm. Around the outside and right in the middle hurts the most. The stubble is the same but it’s very hard to notice, it’s awesome.

oobeedoob-benubi: What did your sleeve look like before you added the stars and dots filler?

Like this:

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amberobeso: I'm sure this may be the wrong question to ask you, since your weaves are probably hundreds of dollars, but I often purchase Euronext 110$ human hair clip in extensions from a local Sally's here, and hardly use any styling tools or products on them, but they always seem to get "ratty" or "thin" within a very few short months. Do you have ANY advice on how to keep them in good condition? Or will I have to continuously buy them often when they get like that? That's seemed to be my only option.

You shouldn’t be so sure about things like that. I really do hate that people assume I have a lot of money to spend. A pack of hair I buy costs like 70 dollars. I don’t really know how to stop hair from getting ratty though, I’m not a hair stylist so I’m not an expert in this area. I usually just buy new hair.